How to win a vacation to Dubai?

From:TECNOPublished:2016-01-25 17:20:43

Enjoy Low-light Capture

TECNO C8 doesn’t care about low-light situations. With its 13 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash, 5 MP front camera with a flash, autofocus system and more components, TECNO C8 is the assistant that ensures you high-quality photos. Besides, the technology of visidon can brighten the pictures 50% than common phones. What’s more, the quality of the back flash is industry-leading, it can ensure the clearest pictures in low-light environment among the many brands of phones.

Snapshot in the Blink of an Eye
It's faster and more accurate for shooting. The camera of C8 imitates the eye location algorithm and it can focus on objectives within 0.3 seconds. When the camera is focusing, it uses a mix of contrast and phase detection, and it’s indeed a good deal for being more professional than common camera phones. Besides, It offers you the best and a fast way to snapshot on the black screen. When the screen is locked, just simply press the special button twice which is made for snapshot. So, TECNO C8 focuses on the objects fast and accurately no matter when and where. Just smile!

Be True to the Real View
TECNO C8 brings you a very clear view for its 5.5 HD screen and the high megapixels of its dual cameras. The 5.5 HD screen ensures that the view is vivid and pure so that you can enjoy the wonderful world. Besides, the dual cameras of 13 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash, 5 MP front camera with a flash are the helpful assistants to snapshot your beautiful smile.

The winner of our activity #ShootBetter, a vacation in Dubai